Handmade Fruitcake

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 I am making my famous fruit cake to help pay for my dog to have a revision of his TPLO (very expensive doggie orthopedic knee surgery)

I hand make all the candied citrus peel from SCRATCH out of Buddha’s hand citrons (pictured), cara cara oranges, satsumas, and a dash of ruby red grapefruit. I then soak four types of raisins and dried currants in brandy for a week. The cherries are wild Armenian ones, not those freakish green monstrosities you see! I hand caramelize pineapple in cane sugar and butter. The nuts are Pecan & walnuts, a part of the nuts are local wild black walnuts that our elderly neighbor sells. I am cooking down my applesauce from 100 year old heirloom apples as I sit here. It takes me two weeks to make them! But worth it! I will be baking Thursday 9th shipping the 11-13th. 

These are baked in a certified bakery. I am including size comparison to a tea cup, as these are spiffy new pans you get this year. $15 each or 2/$25 (shipping is extra based on number ordered)