Antique Ormolu Jewelry Box

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This exquisite French ormolu box set features a hand-painted porcelain portrait of a young woman with long flowing hair in the style of Angelo Asti. 


The exterior decorations include the sun god which is the face of a man in the interior of a crown of sun rays, and during the 1700s, it represented Louis XIV, the Sun King and Versailles, this was a common theme during the art nouveau and in the later arts and crafts era. Though I could definitely see something like this sitting atop Marie Antoinette's vanity table.


The exterior of this box is in near mint condition, with appropriate patina, and styling design. 


The interior is lacking the top lining for the lid, however the bottom interior lining consisting of silk jacquard is still intact.


The piece has appropriate wear consistent with age. This item came from a large collection of related antique and vintage vanity and boudoir accessories from a longtime collector in Italy.


This would make a fantastic addition to your vanity collection or just a pretty display piece in your boudoir.