Marron Glacé Candied Chestnuts Box of 6

Regular price $15.00

For anyone looking for a special holiday gift I am making a modified MARRONS GLACES. These are candied chestnuts that take a week or more to finish. The end result is an almost transparent golden nut imbued with a special blend of spices and flower essences (that I have devised), there are two “flavors”, one is orange blossom water the other rose water. These flower essences are designed not to overpower the taste of the roasted chestnut! In France the homemade fancy ones like these sell for 4€ (about $5) EACH!

A gold wrapped box of 6 for $15 and a dozen for $25. I can ship these directly to the recipient with a note from you! Also nice to have on hand for last minute hostess gifts and such. 

Note these are going to be made with very very rare American Chestnuts, which are almost extinct due to the chestnut blight that wiped out one of America’s iconic trees. They are far more naturally sweet and tender than either European or Asian chestnuts.