May 18th 2019 11a-3p Goldwork and Beetlewing Embroidery Class

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This class is designed to be a deep dive into the use of gold-work and later the addition of elytra wings in decorative embroidery. The focus of this class will be costuming applications, however the techniques are the same for for many applications.

Class will include enough materials for you to work with and to finish a small project. This includes antique original gold-work supplies from turn of the century France.

Undrilled elytra wings ( the how to process these is part of the class)

An 8" embroidery hoop will be available, however if you have one you would prefer, bring it!

Fine preshrunk cotton voile will be provided as a ground. As well as a selection of antique embroidery patterns to choose from.

Thread, scissors, wax, etc will be included.

Essentially everything but a thimble! Not required but nice.

The class is $125

This is for the deposit- $65 is NON-REFUNDABLE and keeps your slot. The remainder is due by the class.

Class capped at 12