About Us

My name is Elizabeth and I have been in the antiques business since I could crawl. I spent endless summers in my grandparents fabulous Seattle antiques store polishing silver and falling in love with all things dusty.

An ongoing joke in my family was that I was going to get my doctorate and become and artist, and that's exactly what happened! I have curated for this business for the past twelve years, focusing on antique and vintage jewelry as well as working by referral only with large theater groups and professional costumers.

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I decided to bring the same high quality and very rare high end ribbon, buttons and passementerie that I have provided to some of the best costume designers in the country... to you. I take an enormous amount of care in my selection, curation, photography and color matching of all my items, ensuring you the highest in quality and beauty for all products.

I promise to provide you with the same standards I would to a client with a six figure budget, enabling you access to samples, Pantone matching for perfect color selection, as well as years of expertise in the field. If you don't see something in my store, just ask, I have thousands of rolls of ribbon, trims, French passementerie, and other goodies that all predate 1950. Welcome to Elizabeth Emerson Designs... grab a cup of tea and enjoy browsing.