High End FRENCH Jaquard CHERRIES Wide Ribbon Retro ROCKABILLY Millinery Vintage Costuming Belt Cotton Red Black Polka Dot 1940s Pin Up Girl

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This is an amazing vintage ribbon from the 1940-1950s and embodies the rockabilly style to a tee. Original true vintage jacquard cotton ribbon from France. The French truly excelled at the weaving of multi colored jacquard ribbon, this is no exception. The cherries are actually slightly raised via the use of rayon white underweave fibers (see reverse photo). Almost 3" wide! This is literally a work of art! Must have for any seamstress or 1950s officianados. I only have 30 yards, once it's gone that's it. I have never see another ribbon like this on Etsy or eBay.

An order of 5 yards will have a 10% discount, 10 yards a 15% discount, more than 15+ yards 20%. Please note monitor colors vary so I use Pantone to get a close if not exact color match. I recommend that you use Pantone matching or request a 1" sample, which is $2.