Victorian Grosgrain Raffia Checkered Brown & Cream Ribbon

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Antique French ribbon in a russet brown satin and cream grosgrain check, evenly bordering with a unique woven section made to look like raffia (label says rayon) in a coordinating cream. The ribbon is original to 1900-1930s. Measures 2 3/8" wide. Given the popularity of checks throughout fashion history, this could be used as an addition to a 1920s hat, to a Civil War era bonnet band, or even to a Victorian promenade hat. Very versatile indeed! Note this ribbon, due to the raffia-like section, is stiffer, which may or may not suit your needs.

Please note monitor colors vary so I use Pantone to get a close if not exact color match. I recommend that you use Pantone matching or request a 1" sample, which is $2.

Price is per yard